The fear of democratic accountability


A ‘dossier’ has been submitted to the media by a right wing clique which claims, in the words of Ms Elman, that ‘the Momentum group have been working to subvert not only the local Labour Party but also to undermine the admirable work of Labour-led Liverpool City Council, who have been doing an outstanding job in the face of savage Tory cuts.’

This would be laughable if it wasn’t so menacing. In her world Joe Anderson’s slashing of £330000 from social provision is ‘admirable’ and stabbing Jeremy Corbyn in the back is not undermining Labour’s chance of defeating the Tories, and whose colleagues have led Labour to two general election defeats.

The influx into Riverside and other constituencies of thousands of energetic socialist supporters is not a ‘plot’ it represents a transparent, proud and noble objective to build the Labour Party into a socialist party fighting to represent working class people and not a vehicle to provide an MP a job for life irrespective of their anti-working class anti-democratic behaviour.

The hysterical claims by these subverters of the socialist aims of Labour should be met by mass meetings of ALL Jeremy Corbyn supporters to reject their policies and reaffirm support for him and the anti-austerity, anti-Tory policies that he stands for.


One thought on “The fear of democratic accountability

  1. So true,anything that threatens the Status quo of the rightwing Labour Party and their power ,is instantly demonised as being undemocratic,subversive and Trotskyist. A word, now used to spread fear amongst the general population. When in reality, it’s just a polemic cry. For a fair ,socialist society, to combat the growing inequality we are now seeing in the Uk.


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