Jeremy’s victory means defending the poor at ever level

Let us enjoy our victory. But the Conference decision threatening to discipline brave Labour Councillors who vote against implementing Tory cuts shows the Blairites still control the party apparatus. We must now arm the party with the kind of pre-Kinnock and pre-Blair democratic constitution which empowered the members to shape party policy and to select and re-select the candidates of their choice. The anti-austerity movement will not allow this decision to shield Labour councillors from carrying out their historic responsibilities. Jeremy has been re-elected on an anti-austerity platform. The job of Labour Councillors and MPs is to defend those least able to defend themselves and vote against cuts.

Socialist Party Public meeting


NEWS RELEASE – 25 September 2016


The Merseyside Socialist Party congratulates Jeremy Corbyn on being re-elected Labour Party leader. This victory confirms that, in spite of the sustained campaign of vilification against him spearheaded by 170 members of the Parliamentary Labour Party and the exclusion from the vote of thousands of genuine supporters – the Party is determined to shuffle off the remnants of Blairism. We believe Labour Party members should have the right to begin the process of holding MPs to account and replacing those who are implacably opposed to Corbyn with candidates who are prepared to fight for working class interests.

Come and hear Tony Mulhearn at next Tuesday’s public meeting at 7.30pm in The Liverpool Pub (upstairs), 14 James Street, Liverpool, L2 7PQ (next to James Street Mersey rail station).

Hear the story of the Liverpool47 and what really happened in the 1980s as opposed to the continued distortions expressed by the opponents of both Jeremy Corbyn and Labour Party democracy.

Hear also Sarah Sachs-Eldridge, national organiser of the Socialist Party, explaining the Socialist Party’s campaign for its right to affiliate to the Labour party and its demand for a democratic rewriting of Labour’s constitution.




For further information contact

Hugh  Caffrey 07769611320. Email – Tony Mulhearn on 07939098455


The fear of democratic accountability


A ‘dossier’ has been submitted to the media by a right wing clique which claims, in the words of Ms Elman, that ‘the Momentum group have been working to subvert not only the local Labour Party but also to undermine the admirable work of Labour-led Liverpool City Council, who have been doing an outstanding job in the face of savage Tory cuts.’

This would be laughable if it wasn’t so menacing. In her world Joe Anderson’s slashing of £330000 from social provision is ‘admirable’ and stabbing Jeremy Corbyn in the back is not undermining Labour’s chance of defeating the Tories, and whose colleagues have led Labour to two general election defeats.

The influx into Riverside and other constituencies of thousands of energetic socialist supporters is not a ‘plot’ it represents a transparent, proud and noble objective to build the Labour Party into a socialist party fighting to represent working class people and not a vehicle to provide an MP a job for life irrespective of their anti-working class anti-democratic behaviour.

The hysterical claims by these subverters of the socialist aims of Labour should be met by mass meetings of ALL Jeremy Corbyn supporters to reject their policies and reaffirm support for him and the anti-austerity, anti-Tory policies that he stands for.


The TUC and Labour Party

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady calls for the Labour Party to look outward and deal with the Tories but she doesn’t identify the guilty party. Not a word of criticism of the Blairites who caused the divisions and chaos. She should declare that the rank and file Party members campaigning for socialist change are lions led by the Blairite donkeys of the PLP who are turning their fire on the leadership instead of organising to defeat the Tories. You can’t be neutral in this situation; as the spokesperson for six million organised workers she should be demanding full support for Jeremy Corbyn whose policy is totally in accord with the TUC’s policy of opposition to all austerity.

Metro Mayor and Jeremy Corbyn

TUSC continues to support the campaign to re-elect Jeremy Corbyn and to elect an anti-austerity Metro Mayor.

ROGER BANNISTER will speak at a meeting in the Casa, Hope Street on SATURDAY 3 SEPTEMBER 2016 at 12noon.

Roger, TUSC candidate for Liverpool mayor in May 2016, is hoping to meet Labour’s metro mayoral candidate Steve Rotheram to explore a meeting of minds on fighting cuts.

Steve is committed to building council housing, to social justice and standing up for ordinary people, which are policies that TUSC has advocated at elections on Merseyside for 6 years.

Roger Banister said:  ‘I commend Merseyside and Halton’s Labour members for rejecting the austerity agenda defended by the likes of Joe Anderson. In May’s mayoral elections in Liverpool I argued for: no more cuts to council services, no cuts to our colleges, save Liverpool Women’s Hospital and other threatened NHS facilities, and to defend the Mersey rail train guards and their service. I won over 5% of the vote which is a firm basis to build on.’

All are welcome to attend and broaden the campaign for the socialist alternative.

A display of the 1983-1987 Socialist Council’s achievements will also be on display.