Letter to the Liverpool Echo

Dracular and Militants

Jimmy Roberts correctly identifies the political stance of the Star chamber practitioners Ms Eagle and Watson in his forensic unmasking of the ludicrous charges they bring (Echo 13 August).

Throughout history, long before McCarthy – the Spanish inquisition for instance headed by the Grand Inquisitor – those whose privileges were threatened defended the indefensible by inventing a distraction. Two distractions then were heresy and witchcraft. Today, the inquisitors are faced with the question: ‘Do you or do you not accept Tory austerity and their related warmongering policies?’

It’s no accident that those who have peddled the falsehood that ‘cuts are necessary’ are the same people who bring charges of ‘infiltration’ in a desperate attempt to disguise the fact that their political stance has been rumbled. A huge and growing number have shown by their support for Jeremy Corbyn that they decisively reject the politics of the super rich in favour of a more equitable society. They don’t need their arms twisting to support that noble objective.


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