Of Corbynistas and charlatans

Of Corbynistas and charlatans

Councillor Walker, in decrying my call for a new mass party, describes himself as a Corbyn supporter (Echo 6 August); as he has acquiesced in every cut demanded by the Tories such a claim is inconsistent with Jeremy’s anti-austerity stance.

Corbyn has called for Labour Councils to stand together against austerity; when is Mr Walker going to act on that call?

His loyalty to Labour is ironically touching; isn’t he the ‘radical’ who stood against Labour in the 1970s.  By his own standards that should preclude him from LP membership as he demanded my exclusion from Momentum and  displayed a sectarianism which can only undermine the unity of the Labour movement which will be essential to defend Corbyn from his right wing assassins. I don’t doubt the prospect terrifies him, but the road to a new mass workers’ party when councillors and MPs will be accountable to the rank and file has been set in motion by the actions of the Blairites who will never accept Corbyn’s realignment of Labour.

Meanwhile working people shouldn’t have to suffer more cuts, they have the right to expect Labour councillors to protect them NOW.

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