John McDonnell’s plea to JC’s would be assassins


John’s history underpins his loyalty to the working class and the ideas of socialism, but I was puzzled by his comments on BBC Radio’s Today programme. He described the right wing MPs as nice people who should get behind Jeremy. John’s faith is misplaced. He should know that they are behind him alright with daggers poised to plunge into his back. When asked was he in favour of re-selection he completely rejected the suggestion instead arguing that they could be persuaded to support a Corbyn-led party.

The right wing are desperate to preserve their influence, income and privileges which they see threatened by a rank and file who are supporting a radical leader and are rightly calling for control over their elected representatives, and that includes re-selection. It’s called democratic accountability, a concept now incredibly described as ‘bullying’ by those hostile to JC.

John should be familiar with the truism: ‘no ruling group has left the scene of history without a fight, and that means a fight with no holds barred.’ When JC is re-elected as the leader the truth of that axiom will be confirmed in spades.

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