Letter to the Liverpool Echo

Dracular and Militants

Jimmy Roberts correctly identifies the political stance of the Star chamber practitioners Ms Eagle and Watson in his forensic unmasking of the ludicrous charges they bring (Echo 13 August).

Throughout history, long before McCarthy – the Spanish inquisition for instance headed by the Grand Inquisitor – those whose privileges were threatened defended the indefensible by inventing a distraction. Two distractions then were heresy and witchcraft. Today, the inquisitors are faced with the question: ‘Do you or do you not accept Tory austerity and their related warmongering policies?’

It’s no accident that those who have peddled the falsehood that ‘cuts are necessary’ are the same people who bring charges of ‘infiltration’ in a desperate attempt to disguise the fact that their political stance has been rumbled. A huge and growing number have shown by their support for Jeremy Corbyn that they decisively reject the politics of the super rich in favour of a more equitable society. They don’t need their arms twisting to support that noble objective.


Liverpool: a modern-day Salem

As a life-long movie buff who never tires of strolling around historic parts of Liverpool I was impressed by the Liverpool Echo’s claim that this city is THE place for film production.

Given the current charges being made by Angela Eagle and the national Torquemada Tom Watson who see sinister forces lurking in every nook and cranny of the pro-Corbyn movement I think it’s time that a remake of Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’ could be shot in Liverpool.

Angela and Tom and their allies believe these evil forces, though tiny in number, can use their baleful powers to urge the 10000 pro-Corbyn supporters who assembled on St George’s Plateau to oppose austerity and to seek the removal of MPs who accept austerity.

As Salem’s witchfinder Reverend Hale says after the arrest of the totally innocent Rebecca Nurse: ‘There is a misty plot afoot so subtle we should be criminal to cling to old respects and ancient friendships.’

The picture of Tom and Angela adorned in prosecutors’ robes calling for divine retribution on Satan’s agents is too frightening to contemplate.

A bureaucratic clique

John McDonnell rightly described the NEC’s decision to appeal the high court judgment which upheld Labour members’ rights as a “deeply disappointing decision by a small clique of people behind closed doors.” Who is this small clique? It’s known as the Procedures Committee led by an unelected well-paid bureaucrat.  They dedicate the Labour Party’s time and resources, not to fight the Tories, but to fight its own membership.  They would be totally at home on McCarthy’s House Un-American Activities Committee or Stalin’s politbureau. The NEC should be immediately convened to overrule this clique so the membership’s wish which is to take the fight to the Tories can be given the priority the embattled working class desperately need.

Of Corbynistas and charlatans

Of Corbynistas and charlatans

Councillor Walker, in decrying my call for a new mass party, describes himself as a Corbyn supporter (Echo 6 August); as he has acquiesced in every cut demanded by the Tories such a claim is inconsistent with Jeremy’s anti-austerity stance.

Corbyn has called for Labour Councils to stand together against austerity; when is Mr Walker going to act on that call?

His loyalty to Labour is ironically touching; isn’t he the ‘radical’ who stood against Labour in the 1970s.  By his own standards that should preclude him from LP membership as he demanded my exclusion from Momentum and  displayed a sectarianism which can only undermine the unity of the Labour movement which will be essential to defend Corbyn from his right wing assassins. I don’t doubt the prospect terrifies him, but the road to a new mass workers’ party when councillors and MPs will be accountable to the rank and file has been set in motion by the actions of the Blairites who will never accept Corbyn’s realignment of Labour.

Meanwhile working people shouldn’t have to suffer more cuts, they have the right to expect Labour councillors to protect them NOW.

John McDonnell’s plea to JC’s would be assassins


John’s history underpins his loyalty to the working class and the ideas of socialism, but I was puzzled by his comments on BBC Radio’s Today programme. He described the right wing MPs as nice people who should get behind Jeremy. John’s faith is misplaced. He should know that they are behind him alright with daggers poised to plunge into his back. When asked was he in favour of re-selection he completely rejected the suggestion instead arguing that they could be persuaded to support a Corbyn-led party.

The right wing are desperate to preserve their influence, income and privileges which they see threatened by a rank and file who are supporting a radical leader and are rightly calling for control over their elected representatives, and that includes re-selection. It’s called democratic accountability, a concept now incredibly described as ‘bullying’ by those hostile to JC.

John should be familiar with the truism: ‘no ruling group has left the scene of history without a fight, and that means a fight with no holds barred.’ When JC is re-elected as the leader the truth of that axiom will be confirmed in spades.

Corbyn’s Plateau triumph

To paraphrase a well-known old class fighter: ‘Let the ruling class and their Labour shadows in parliament tremble at the developing movement which will recreate a new mass party of the working class. We have nothing to lose but a fossilised right wing bureaucracy which has stripped working people of political representation for the last thirty years.  All forces on the left are uniting to ensure the success of Jeremy Corbyn.’

St George’s plateau the scene of magnificent  demos in 1911, 1926, 1983-87, last night witnessed the re-emergence of the spirit of workers who, given leadership, displayed magnificent energy in their quest for a just socialist society and see Corbyn as the leader that can achieve that objective. The ban on CLPs meeting should be lifted and the re-selection procedures be started immediately.