Corbyn rally: no more cuts

Jeremy Corbyn will address a rally on Monday 1 August at 7pm on St George’s Plateau.

Other speakers include Labour Councillors Alice Bennett, Peter Mitchell, Joann Kushner.

I trust the Labour councillors on the platform will declare their intention of voting against any further Tory-inspired cuts and challenge Mayor Anderson’s intention of implementing even more savage cuts demanded by the Tories. This will be in addition to the £330,000 of cuts already implemented while the super rich who caused the crisis continue to enrich themselves. The Labour Council’s responsibility is to protect the city’s children, library facilities, the elderly and all those least able to defend themselves. Any more cuts should be totally opposed. This is a sentiment Jeremy fully supports. He has called on Labour Councillors to stand together against austerity.

The anti-austerity movement should attend and make their collective voice heard.

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