Corbyn: defend democratic rights

The combined forces of the media and Labour’s right are stepping up their dirty tricks campaign. Eagle and her ally Jane Kennedy’s attempt to link violence with Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters is slanderous.

The right wing’s measures to stitch up the election rules is being combined with a gigantic propaganda campaign that Jeremy is ‘unelectable’, combined with lies about his supporters being ‘intimidating’ and ‘thugs’. As a foretaste of things to come, the Daily Mail prints a picture of JC in a coffin with the headline ‘Labour must kill vampire Jezza’, without a word of protest from the Blairites.

The right wing in full cry is revolting. I was attacked both physically and by threatening phone calls in the 1980s after Lord (3 pensions) Kinnock launched the witch-hunt. The way to defeat this relentless propaganda is to build on Corbyn’s popular support confirmed by his standing ovation at the Unite conference this week. That is the support which will defeat the conniving, self-serving shadows of the ruling class which still control the Labour Party machine. In the immortal words of Labour leader Joe Hill as he faced his executioners ‘Don’t mourn – organise.’

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