Eagle declares her hand

The question has been posed by Corbyn supporters: why not join and help in the fight to democratise the LP and defend Jeremy? The simple answer is: Because we’re not allowed to. We want to be able to affiliate as a party like the Co-op. The terms and conditions for joining state that you must confirm that you are not a member of any other registered political party (save the Co-operative party). It is also a fact that people have been rejected on the grounds of PAST political affiliation. This didn’t stop the right wing from parachuting ex-Tory Minister Sean Woodward into the safe seat of St Helens, or current Labour councillors who have stood against Labour in the past.

I was the first to be expelled in 1986 during the witch-hunt instigated by Jeremy’s would-be nemesis Baron Kinnock who expelled socialists and dumped socialist policies under pressure from a poisonous amalgam of Thatcher, Tebbit, Rupert Murdoch, pension thief Robert Maxwell and the rest of a rabid media. Our crime in the eyes of the Kinnockites was to refuse to implement the cuts demanded by Thatcher in the 1980s or who voted against the poll tax in 1990s.

Now that Angela Eagle has declared her hand, in the interest of broad unity of the socialist Left we urge Jeremy’s supporters in the Labour Party to campaign for a rule change to allow the Socialist Party, like the Co-op Party, to affiliate.

Meanwhile we will continue to campaign in the trade unions and the broad anti-austerity movement in defence of JC.

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