Corbyn rally: no more cuts

Jeremy Corbyn will address a rally on Monday 1 August at 7pm on St George’s Plateau.

Other speakers include Labour Councillors Alice Bennett, Peter Mitchell, Joann Kushner.

I trust the Labour councillors on the platform will declare their intention of voting against any further Tory-inspired cuts and challenge Mayor Anderson’s intention of implementing even more savage cuts demanded by the Tories. This will be in addition to the £330,000 of cuts already implemented while the super rich who caused the crisis continue to enrich themselves. The Labour Council’s responsibility is to protect the city’s children, library facilities, the elderly and all those least able to defend themselves. Any more cuts should be totally opposed. This is a sentiment Jeremy fully supports. He has called on Labour Councillors to stand together against austerity.

The anti-austerity movement should attend and make their collective voice heard.

What is the point of Owen Smith?

What is the point of Owen Smith? The right wing have realised that Eagle is a busted flush with no chance of defeating Corbyn, hence the entry of the ‘moderate’ left-talking Smith into the contest. He talks left: that poses the question – why did he join the right wing in their mass resignations? He could muddy the waters. It calls for even more renewed vigour to re-elect Jeremy Corbyn.

Brickgate: whodunnit?


It turns out the brick was thrown by an unfortunate vagrant, a victim of the Labour council implementing the Tories’ austerity programme. He confessed to being part of the anti-Eagle movement.

After 4 days of intense interrogation by Jane Kennedy’s finest he broke down and confessed to disliking Eagle. When pressed, he said he had always felt Eagle had let Britain down by finishing last in the 1988 Winter Olympics in both the 70m and 90m events, and he didn’t like losers. The officer in charge muttered ‘her and her backers are all losers, but you dislike the wrong one.’

To prevent any bullying of the witness by the right wing he has been placed into a witness protection programme.

Corbyn: defend democratic rights

The combined forces of the media and Labour’s right are stepping up their dirty tricks campaign. Eagle and her ally Jane Kennedy’s attempt to link violence with Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters is slanderous.

The right wing’s measures to stitch up the election rules is being combined with a gigantic propaganda campaign that Jeremy is ‘unelectable’, combined with lies about his supporters being ‘intimidating’ and ‘thugs’. As a foretaste of things to come, the Daily Mail prints a picture of JC in a coffin with the headline ‘Labour must kill vampire Jezza’, without a word of protest from the Blairites.

The right wing in full cry is revolting. I was attacked both physically and by threatening phone calls in the 1980s after Lord (3 pensions) Kinnock launched the witch-hunt. The way to defeat this relentless propaganda is to build on Corbyn’s popular support confirmed by his standing ovation at the Unite conference this week. That is the support which will defeat the conniving, self-serving shadows of the ruling class which still control the Labour Party machine. In the immortal words of Labour leader Joe Hill as he faced his executioners ‘Don’t mourn – organise.’

Eagle declares her hand

The question has been posed by Corbyn supporters: why not join and help in the fight to democratise the LP and defend Jeremy? The simple answer is: Because we’re not allowed to. We want to be able to affiliate as a party like the Co-op. The terms and conditions for joining state that you must confirm that you are not a member of any other registered political party (save the Co-operative party). It is also a fact that people have been rejected on the grounds of PAST political affiliation. This didn’t stop the right wing from parachuting ex-Tory Minister Sean Woodward into the safe seat of St Helens, or current Labour councillors who have stood against Labour in the past.

I was the first to be expelled in 1986 during the witch-hunt instigated by Jeremy’s would-be nemesis Baron Kinnock who expelled socialists and dumped socialist policies under pressure from a poisonous amalgam of Thatcher, Tebbit, Rupert Murdoch, pension thief Robert Maxwell and the rest of a rabid media. Our crime in the eyes of the Kinnockites was to refuse to implement the cuts demanded by Thatcher in the 1980s or who voted against the poll tax in 1990s.

Now that Angela Eagle has declared her hand, in the interest of broad unity of the socialist Left we urge Jeremy’s supporters in the Labour Party to campaign for a rule change to allow the Socialist Party, like the Co-op Party, to affiliate.

Meanwhile we will continue to campaign in the trade unions and the broad anti-austerity movement in defence of JC.

Rally for Jeremy Corbyn



The Liverpool & District Socialist Party is calling on Jeremy Corbyn to call for mass conferences of his supporters in all major locations of the country, including Merseyside, involving all those who support Corbyn inside and outside the Labour Party. We also call for a national conference to co-ordinate the activities nationally.We are launching a petition to support this call now.

Tony Mulhearn for Liverpool & District Socialist Party said:

The anti-Tory, anti-austerity movement stands aghast at the grotesque spectacle of right wing MPs who, instead of attacking a Tory government which is split from top to bottom, are turning their fire on the democratically elected Labour Party leader.

Expressing the popular support for Jeremy Corbyn 4000 people marched through Liverpool last Saturday to defend him. We need to bring together the thousands in every city and town who support his anti-austerity message and oppose his would-be assassins in the Parliamentary Labour Party who have led Labour to its worst defeats in the post-war period. That is why we have launched a petition for an urgent conference to be convened now involving all those who support Corbyn: the trade unions, Labour Party branches and including all left and socialist organisations inside and outside the Labour Party.

Jeremy Corbyn was elected to leadership by a popular uprising against austerity. The right wing action reveals their contempt for the will of rank and file. We support Jeremy’s firm stance in rejecting the hysterical demands of the PLP and their allies in the rabid media to quit. Now the labour movement, together with all those who are opposed to austerity, needs to mobilise to support Jeremy against the Blairite onslaught.

We are urging all supporters of Jeremy Corbyn including the unions, Momentum and Labour party organisations to endorse this petition.

The petition can be viewed at

Local progress with the petition will be reported on Facebook at

The Socialist Party is online at

For further information contact Hugh Caffrey 07769611320 or

Tony Mulhearn on 07939098455

The media and Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn and the media

The spectacle of a media pack in full blood-thirsty pursuit of Jeremy Corbyn has provoked the question, particularly from younger observers of the current events, why does the media behave in this crazed, irrational, fashion?

Against Corbyn are Rupert Murdoch (The Scum), Paul Dacre (Daily Mail), Daily Express, The Telegraph, The Times, The Observer, even the so-called Labour paper the Mirror, with Kevin Maguire the ‘radical’ journalist joining the chorus against JC. All of these papers, like Corbyn’s would be assassins, have belched out the lying narrative since day one of the crisis that ‘austerity is necessary’. That is austerity for the poor, and increasing wealth for the financial spivs who created the crisis. ITV, Sky news and BBC’s ‘Flagship’ programmes like Newsnight, and their number one Torquemada Laura Kuenssberg attempt to give some ‘intellectual’ heft to the hysteria. The component parts of this congealed instrument of hatred far from being irrational are bent on destroying JC politically and socially because he represents a challenge to their wealth and privilege. Jeremy must trust the massive support he enjoys, make no more concessions to the closet Tories and stand firm for a socialist future.