Back Jeremy Corbyn

The Blairites are enticed out of the woodwork by what they believe is the scent of Jeremy Corbyn’s blood. Instead of mobilising to defeat the Tories the same old Progress members, 4.5 percentres, and closet Tories are ignoring the successes in elections under Corbyn’s leadership and instead are creating a smokescreen behind which they can politically assassinate him. Let us welcome Benn’s sacking and the resignation of the rest and develop an irresistible force in support of JC and the policies of anti-austerity and socialism. If members of the PLP have no stomach for the fight they can resign and fight an election on their right wing, pro-austerity, pro-EU programme under which ever banner they can find to back them.

Tories in disarray: general election now

The result shows a clear majority rejecting a system which has seen inequalilty reaching the highest levels in modern history. Endless austerity and attacks on workers’ rights has been rejected. The Tories have been given their marching orders and are in complete disarray. Jeremy Corbyn, and the TU leaders should demand a general election now. Farage’s temporary triumphalism, which can only flourish in times of shortage, can be crushed by a confident Labour Movement mobilising all anti-austerity forces to finish the job off by throwing the Tories into the dustbin of history and returning a Corby-led Labour government committed to a rolling back the cuts and bringing our utilities and the NHS back into public ownership. We can reach out to the European Labour and anti-austerity movement to join us in this objective.

D-Day minus one

When you cast your vote remember this:

1 The institutions of the EU are controlled by unelected people with extremely dodgy political connections. EU President Junker, for instance, presided over Luxembourg which was a haven for every tax-dodging fat cat on the planet.

2 He was the bloke who patted Tsipras and Varoufakis on the head, ignored their pleas for a more caring capitalism, and chased them back to Greece to inflict the most appalling cuts in working class living standards in Greece’s history while that country’s fat cats who caused the crisis continue to live in opulent splendour and plunder state-owned institutions.

4 The EU blocked Portugal from implementing a no-cuts budget

5 It was the EU that ordered an increase in women’s retirement age from 60 to 65.

6 EU treaties protect freedoms for Business to move labour from member state to another and to ensure there is ‘no distortion of competition’. That means freedom for unscrupulous employers to pay the lowest rate of any EU country.

7 A condition of receiving EU ‘bale-outs’ is also that the recipient countries degrade the ability of trade unions to defend their members. National wage bargaining in Greece has all but disappeared.

8 Remaining will ensure that a more confident EU will act as an obstacle to a future Labour government from bringing back into public ownership the NHS, Rail, and the other public utilities that have been flogged off with the poisoned brew of TTIP as an additional weapon in their hands.

9 Unity of the international working class will not be achieved via this reactionary institution but via the struggle against austerity organised on a European basis.