Mayor Anderson’s hollow victory


9 MAY 2016

At its post-election meeting Merseyside TUSC unanimously agreed the following statement:

Merseyside TUSC applauds the achievement of Roger Bannister in coming 4th in the Mayoral election ahead of the Independent, the Tories and the far right.

We applaud Kevin Bennett, TUSC councillor in Warrington, who attracted a magnificent 921 votes falling only just short of holding his seat.

We congratulate our council candidates in achieving votes of between 2% and 7% in the various Merseyside areas.

We note that 7 out of 10 electors did not bother to vote, so the mayor received the support of just 15% of the electorate – hardly a ringing endorsement of his endless austerity policies. The mayor’s electoral base is nurtured by a largely uncritical media, commendations from the establishment and those who still harbour the illusion that Labour councillors will protect the poor, the elderly and those least able to defend themselves. Little wonder that the missing voters are not inspired to turn out. We believe those who voted for Roger Bannister recognise this illusion and see the need for an alternative anti-austerity socialist formation.

TUSC will build on these results and remains determined to fight Tory austerity and unremittingly challenge those councillors who continue to vote for cuts.


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