Bumbling Boris Johnson, sanctimonious Duncan Smith, racist Nigel Farage, egged on by Rupert Murdoch and the Daily Express, and the grotesque spectacle of Ed Balls rubbing shoulders with Cable and Osborne are equally as repellent.

The Remainers’ fear that Brexit will lead to foreign capital relocating to the continent at the expense of the corrupt stock exchange. The Brexit capitalists dream of an even less regulated ‘Square Mile’.

Both groups favour continued cuts and austerity for the millions.

The bonfire of workers’ rights flagged up by Remainers, unfortunately given legitimacy by Jeremy Corbyn, is a fiction, the bonfire has already happened. After decades of EU membership British unions are shackled by the most draconic anti-union laws in the developed world with the subsequent nose dive in wages and conditions.

For socialists there can be no unity with either group. The voice for a socialist alternative may be drowned out by lurid headlines and vacuous debates in the media, but we will continue to campaign to replace the bureaucratic capitalist EU with a Socialist Europe.

Mayor Anderson’s hollow victory


9 MAY 2016

At its post-election meeting Merseyside TUSC unanimously agreed the following statement:

Merseyside TUSC applauds the achievement of Roger Bannister in coming 4th in the Mayoral election ahead of the Independent, the Tories and the far right.

We applaud Kevin Bennett, TUSC councillor in Warrington, who attracted a magnificent 921 votes falling only just short of holding his seat.

We congratulate our council candidates in achieving votes of between 2% and 7% in the various Merseyside areas.

We note that 7 out of 10 electors did not bother to vote, so the mayor received the support of just 15% of the electorate – hardly a ringing endorsement of his endless austerity policies. The mayor’s electoral base is nurtured by a largely uncritical media, commendations from the establishment and those who still harbour the illusion that Labour councillors will protect the poor, the elderly and those least able to defend themselves. Little wonder that the missing voters are not inspired to turn out. We believe those who voted for Roger Bannister recognise this illusion and see the need for an alternative anti-austerity socialist formation.

TUSC will build on these results and remains determined to fight Tory austerity and unremittingly challenge those councillors who continue to vote for cuts.


For further information contact

 email: Merseysidetusc@gmail.com

Phoney charges used against Corbyn


7 MAY 2016

At its post-election meeting today Merseyside TUSC unanimously agreed the following statement:

Merseyside TUSC condemns the hysterical campaign by the media and the right wing being launched on the issue of anti-semitism and declares our continued support for Jeremy Corbyn and his anti-austerity programme.

We deplore the ambush on Ken Livingstone and the reckless attack by John Mann who had clearly arranged with the media to do the maximum damage to Jeremy’s Corbyn’s leadership.

We recognise that Livingstone’s remarks were crass and insensitive, but could not be construed to be anti-semitic.

We welcome and support Len McCluskey’s declaration that some MPs had been “nothing short of treacherous” and set “stupid traps” for Corbyn and his supporters and that the damaging row over anti-Semitism is being manipulated for political ends.

We totally reject the notion that criticism of Zionism or of the policies of Netanyahu’s right wing capitalist government of Israel is anti-semitic and we continue to support those forces in Israel campaigning for a socialist alternative to the reactionary policies of the Israeli ruling class.

In rejecting this campaign against Corbyn’s leadership, we call for the maximum support for his anti-austerity policies, and totally condemn any witch-hunt arising from the hysteria being generated by the right wing and its media.


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Daren Ireland on 07787128498 – Dave Walsh on 07969511796 – Tony Mulhearn on 07939098455

 email: Merseysidetusc@gmail.com