Letter to Liverpool Echo


George Orwell would delight in the rich harvest of doublespeak emerging from the mouths of those who have hijacked the country’s governance.

Duncan Smith’s claim that he resigned because of the attacks on the disabled is cynical and hypocritical. He pushed the bedroom tax, Universal Credit, ATOS, the persecution of disabled people who were sanctioned when incapable of work. He presided over the increase in suicides among those deprived of benefit. He is committed to full-blooded austerity while his fellow fat cat friends continue to enrich themselves.

His resignation letter, designed to position himself for a top job in the events of a bad EU result for Cameron, targets pensioners with the suggestion that the cuts would have been fairer to younger people if benefits given to pensioners were reduced.  This is another cynical ploy to divide the old from the young.

His action reveals a government in chaos, interested only in its self preservation. Calling for an apology from these people is meaningless.

Now is the time for the TUC to act on its policy of preparing a massive campaign of opposition to all austerity including mass industrial action to force this shambles of a government to retreat.

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