As one of the 10000 fans who walked out on Saturday I was struck at the sense of solidarity in a common cause. The organisers should be congratulated for focusing attention on the way the he money pouring into the game from TV rights, merchandising and promotions is being misused.
The blind anarchy of the market means players receive eye-watering pay, and lucrative contracts advertising underpants and toiletries, while thousands of fans are being priced out of the game.
Once again Liverpool is blazing a trail and receiving national support and recognition for its stance. The question is how is the problem to be solved?
A national solution is necessary. The game needs to be run by a democratically elected body made up of elected fans’ reps, the Professional Footballers Association, representatives from teachers’ trade unions, and coaching organisations. This could reflect the interest of the grassroots and would create a culture where the interests of football and its fans would be given priority.
Tony Mulhearn, 107 Chelwood Avenue, L16 2LL. 07939098455

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