Barry’s budget: fantasy or reality

It really does get tiresome to have to constantly reject the falsehood that I favour an illegal budget (Echo 29 Jan.).

Thousands of the needy would not recognise Councillor Kushner’s description of his council’s stewardship of the city’s affairs. His idea of protection seems to be closing 10 of 17 Surestart children’s centres; privatising the 10 remaining supported living houses, previously staffed by properly trained council workers who were replaced by casuals on zero-hour contracts; reduction of financial support for the disabled; care in the community slashed out of existence; library services degraded; care of the elderly in tatters; child care provision privatised. Mr Kushner’s glowing portrayal would suggest that the £304m cuts in social provision is a figment of my imagination.

Mayor Anderson himself has declared that Liverpool is ‘on the brink’ and faced with services ‘melt down’.

This outrage continues while the latest revelations about Google reveal a culture of tax dodging on an industrial scale. There is enormous wealth in this country and it’s up to this Labour Council, not to defend the indefensible, but to fight for Liverpool’s fair share.

Tony Mulhearn,

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