What is Momentum for?

What is Momentum for?
Originally Momentum claimed it was the successor entity to the Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader campaign but it is independent of the Labour Party’s leadership. It will work with everyone who supports Jeremy’s aim of creating a more fair, equal and democratic society.
At last night’s inaugural Liverpool Momentum meeting initiated by members of West Derby LP its position appears to be a radical departure from the original concept of building a broad-based and inclusive ANTI-AUSTERITY movement. Far from being anti-austerity it declined to discuss the looming round of council cuts, and a Councillor who has nodded through every cut proposed by Mayor Anderson demanded that anybody who had opposed right wing Labour should be excluded from Liverpool Momentum.
A motion calling for a debate on council cuts was moved. I seconded it and was informed that I was not allowed to do so. The chair then declined to take the motion on the grounds that he was in over his head. It’s clear to me: you are either opposed to Labour councillors voting for cuts or you’re not.
The same chair then informed me that as I was a member of the Socialist Party I would be excluded from Liverpool Momentum, on which ruling I, along with other comrades, withdrew from the meeting. This is a peculiar method of building a broad-based anti-austerity movement. Momentum, it seems, has been hijacked by Labour Party members who cringe when even the question of council cuts is raised.

One thought on “What is Momentum for?

  1. Well said Tony … and Labour councillors are still being suspended for speaking and voting against cuts to council services. And they don’t believe in reselection …


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