Junior doctors and the Tories

TUSC congratulates, and pledges ongoing support for, the junior doctors in their struggle to defend their pay and conditions and defence of the NHS.
Chancellor Osborne has confirmed that the Tory government’s policy of savage austerity has worsened the performance of the economy. He intones that there is ‘a dangerous cocktail of new threats to the economy’ and that the only antidote is implementing even more cuts completely contradicts his claim repeated throughout 2015 that the economy is healing. He represents a government mired in mendacity and falsehood.
The working class get poorer while the income of the fat cats continues to increase. The High Pay Centre revealed that chief executives were paid 183 times more than the average employee, compared with 47 times more in 1998.
We also condemn government proposals to force Council tenants to vacate their homes after a period of occupation.
Mayor Anderson has declared that Liverpool is staring over the abyss and will not be able to meet even its statutory commitments to assist the needy.
TUSC will give full support to those councillors who vote against further cuts but will stand anti-austerity candidates against those councillors who continue to vote for cuts.
Our campaign will also send a clear message to those in the Labour Party who are intent on undermining Jeremy Corbyn that their treachery will be noted by the thousands who propelled him into the leadership.


For further information contact
Daren Ireland on 07787128498 – Dave Walsh on 07969511796 – Tony Mulhearn on 07939098455
email: Merseysidetusc@gmail.com

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