Anderson’s denial

Trust the mayor to answer a call for Liverpool’s Labour council to make a stand against cuts with verbiage laced with a heavy dose of distortion, seasoned with a dash of psychobabble (Echo December 29 2015).
Surely only the most deluded who could argue he is ‘taking the city forward’ while slashing £340m from social provision. The falsity of his claim that he is fighting what he rightly terms ‘the real enemy’ was displayed when arch-supporter of Cameron’s austerity Lord Heseltine was given the freedom of the city.
He refers with his usual charm to my ‘political warped view’ and my twisting the facts. Well he knows all about twisting facts. My call is for a needs budget not an illegal budget. Facts show that a courageous stand against injustice and oppression can succeed. Labour councillors in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 1980s successfully defended the needy of this city.
By his own admission he says thousands are going to find life ‘miserable and hard in 2016’. His answer? To carry on with his cuts agenda.
He claims he will act responsibly. Responsible to whom? Jeremy Corbyn has called for Labour councils to stand together in opposing cuts. The mayor’s responsibility is to embrace that call.

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