Sure Start victory


NEWS RELEASE – 23 February 2015

TUSC Prospective Parliamentary candidate Tony Mulhearn (Riverside) and Dave Walsh (Wavertree) congratulate the achievement of the Save Our Surestart Children’s Centres Campaign


TUSC congratulates the victory of the community organisations in their magnificent campaign to save the 10 Sure Start Centres that had been earmarked for closure. It demonstrates clearly that an effective campaign can produce results.

We note that Mayor Anderson has used the city financial reserves as part of the financial package used keep the centres open and we give full support to a continuance of the campaign to save the centres permanently and not be reliant on a short-term solution.

Those same reserves can be used to save the other services that have been cut during the butchery of the last 2 years.

TUSC believes that Mayor Anderson’s constant lament that nothing can be done to stem the approaching £56million of further cuts is wrong and we call for the city council to spearhead a mass campaign with an appeal to the Local Authority trade unions and other Labour city councils to join in such a campaign to force this rotten, corrupt government, which is now revealed as the fat-cat tax dodgers’ political wing, to retreat and to restore the money which has been unjustly stolen from the city.




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