Socialism and Stalinism: letter to Echo

Letter to media

Socialism has failed?

B W Hale accuses the advocates of socialism of living in a ‘dream world’ arguing that it has been tried and failed (Echo 15/11/14). Without doubting his sincerity, he falls into the trap carefully nurtured by the agencies of capitalism over decades that equated the monstrous Stalinist totalitarian soviet regime with Socialism. Nothing could be further from reality. Socialism is nothing if not democratic from top to bottom.

Socialism relies on releasing the energy of the mass of the working population in participating in the building of a society which doesn’t exist to enrich the few, but see as its objective the harnessing of the fabulous wealth and wonderful technology and technique at society’s disposal.

A socialist planned economy could eradicate want and poverty and, for instance, not regard old age as a ‘problem’ but to celebrate it with adequate pensions and care.

Hopefully B Hale will subscribe to this positive vision.

Tony Mulhearn

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