Is Ed’s looks the problem?

Letter to the Liverpool Echo

Marc Waddington with customary flair consigns Miliband’s US imported guru David Axelrod to the dustbin (Echo 13/11/14). Since his appointment as Ed’s senior strategic adviser last April it’s been all downhill.
But Labour’s problem is not that Ed doesn’t enjoy the good looks of George Clooney, or the charisma of the freshly-elected pre-drone Obama. No, it is the absence of a clear anti-austerity alternative to ConDem butchery.
I refer Marc to my letter of 10/11/14, when I wrote about Ed hitting the doorstep and what he would say. It would go like this ‘I’m more kind-hearted than the Bullingdon Boys, but vote for me and I’ll carry on with their policies.’
Marc, as many do, suggests replacing Ed with Andy Burnham. The problem is that Andy would also advocate the policies of austerity.
Good looks are always trumped by great policies. The greatest reforming Labour government in history was led by a short, baldy, bespectacled man whom Churchill described as ‘a modest little man who has got a lot to be modest about’.
He defeated Churchill and his record stands as a testimony to the strength, validity and electoral success of socialist policies.
His name was Clem Atlee.

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