Labour’s future in Scotland

Things lurch from catastrophic to apocalyptic for Labour in Scotland. Scottish Labour’s leader Lamont’s resignation reveals the impotence of Ed Miliband. Her open attacks on him and the increasingly likely loss of a number of Labour MPs from Scotland will undermine the chances of the election of a majority Labour government.

Uber-Blairite MP Jim Murphy, is emerging as a leading candidate to replace Lamont. One Labour MSP warned that choosing Murphy would “turn a crisis into a catastrophe”. This is the same Murphy who, while trousering Unite’s cash, knifed the union in the back in Falkirk calling Unite members ‘bullies’, when president of the students union he dropped opposition to student fees, and who is an unreconstructed defender of the invasion of Iraq. He certainly ticks all the boxes for compliance with Labour’s programme of continuing ConDem cuts if elected.

Whoever emerges as the Sottish leader, the chaos underlines the imperative for an electoral challenge to the 3 Cuts Parties at the next round of elections. This challenge will be provided by the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

Those who argue, some with great sincerity, that Labour is the lesser evil should recognise that failure to act now to build a new party of Labour will condemn the British working class to further years of cuts and destruction of services whichever of the cuts parties are elected.

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