The Mayor’s lament


In attempting to justify his horrendous record of cuts our Mayor once again charges me with demanding an illegal budget as the ‘only solution to the budget crisis’ (Echo 7/10/14).

This is completely false. At no time have I called for an illegal budget.

I have called on the Council to set a needs budget, and use what reserves are available to defend services. Mayor Anderson has no problem in funding dodgy developers on the Queens Dock, buying Cunard Buildings or bankrolling Everton FC, but balks at using reserves to defend services.

In contrast to supine compliance with savage austerity, the Council should spearhead a campaign of resistance involving the trade unions, community organisations and wider population, and could act as a beacon for other Councils to fight back.

Labour councils in the 60s, 70s and 80s conducted campaigns with great success. A courageous stand by today’s council could also succeed.

Tony Mulhearn,

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