The revelations about Thatcher’s Tory 1984 Conference speech abandoned after the Brighton bombing confirm her demented view of the world. She characterised anybody who stood up to her manic policies of privatisation and attacks on workers’ living standards as ‘the enemy within.’ Significantly naming the miners’ leaders and Liverpool’s Socialist Council.

Her crazed ‘free market’ policies ultimately resulted in the economic meltdown of 2008 for which millions of workers are currently picking up the tab.

Appallingly, the current bunch of mendacious Bullingdon bullies putting social provision to the sword are even more extreme than her in their unrelenting attacks on workers while enriching their already obscenely wealthy friends.

I’m sure she would have been delighted with the current Liverpool council in carrying through the highest level of cuts in the city’s history, as well as employing people on the loathed zero-hours contracts.

The important lesson is: the ruling class don’t reward you for grovelling compliance; they always return for more cuts. A lesson completely lost on Mayor Anderson and his Labour council.

Tony Mulhearn, 107 Chelwood Avenue, L16 2LL. 07939098455

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