More of the same

A letter from Hilary Benn to Local Authorities confirms the need to field as many TUSC candidates as possible in future elections.

The letter contains these lines:

‘Labour is committed to balance the books in the next parliament so budgets will be extremely tight. We will need to make big reforms without big spending. And as we will inherit, and stick to, the Government’s spending plans for 2015/16, we will not have any more money to give to local government. But there will be one difference; the money we have will be distributed more fairly.’

The usual mantra: Labour cuts are nicer than ConDem cuts.

No mention of the dollops of cash lying in the banks, or the tax-dodging by the super-rich on an industrial scale, or the fiddling with off-shore bank accounts, or the billions of bonuses the bankers pay themselves.

Oh, and the most restrictive Trade Union laws in the developed world will be firmly kept in place.

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