Liverpool’s Library butchery

Mayor Anderson and Libraries

In response to those protesting against Library closures including myself, Mayor Anderson said he ‘was elected ahead of Mr Mulhearn and had won the election based on a manifesto of running the city responsibly’ (Echo 15/8/2014).

What he didn’t say was to whom he was responsible.

People voted on the basis that a Labour mayor would protect them from the savage butchery of the Tories.

In the Mayoral election he didn’t say ‘vote for me and I’ll close libraries, sure-start nursery facilities and swimming pools. He didn’t say ‘vote for me and I’ll turn over the disabled and child care to the tender mercies of the money-grubbing private sector’, he didn’t say vote for me and I’ll cut the already miserable benefits of the disabled..’

Had he made his proposals clear, the outcome of the election might have been different.

Alan Gibbons was right in saying ‘the City of Culture (is becoming) the City of Philistinism, why on earth do we have a Labour Party if we don’t fight for our people?’

This country is awash with fabulous wealth, it’s the job of a party with ‘Labour’ in its title to fight for its fair share.

Tony Mulhearn

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